Inside the Shaping Room - PART 1

Posted on January 31, 2015 by Soul Octopus

Take a look inside my shaping room with the first installment of Inside the Shaping Room. I'll be sharing works in progress and some of the other designs around my shop.

Working on the new Thunderbird Landing Craft Double Diamond Sea Gem. Nose/tail, tail/nose?

Rough sketch for both the Thunderbird Landing Craft Double Diamond Sea Gem and the Star Fighter.

Some tools of the trade.

Wall of Soul Octopus riders over the past 25+ years.

I'll let you in on one secret, every board is made with just a dash of Soul Seasoning. But only a "dash".

Working on a couple of different options for the tail of the Star Fighter.

You got that right, Bangsy!

As if the guy on the right even has to say anything.

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